We offer a range of holistic treatments to keep healthy or get your health back.


Did you know that stress is the cause of 75% of disease? Holistic therapies bring the body back into balance, restore homeostasis and induce deep relaxation. Aromatherapy and reflexology also boost the immune system, which is weakened by constant stress, stimulate the circulation, removes toxins, stabilises breathing, boost energy levels and induce calm in both mind and body.

Want to get pregnant? Pregnant? New mum ?  Holistic therapies can support you during these times. If you’re trying to conceive but not getting the positive pregnancy test you long for, you may wish to try reflexology. If possible we ask that both partners receive the treatment for better results. Therapies can also help you through pregnancy to ease some discomforts and induce relaxation.


Gift Vouchers available on request


Mobile/Home treatment can be arranged


Opening time in Dundalk: 
Friday 1pm- 6pm
Saturday: 10am- 6pm

Mobile/Home treatments can be arranged for Reflexology and Indian Head Massage any other day